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Emily Lumsden is a professional photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in food and beverage photography, Emily has photographed for over 30 restaurants and cafes around Melbourne capturing textures and colours of food making you want to eat it straight off the screen. She also pairs her food photography with interiors, product, lifestyle and landscapes allowing her to provide a wider variety of services to her clients in the food, hospitality and tourism industry. Her depth in her work has allowed her to photograph in areas outside the food space including events, weddings, fashion and beauty. With a Masters in photography, Emily brings a story telling element to her food work and capture the feelings of connection and enjoyment that food brings. In 2024 Emily is adding prints to her business, focusing on travel which has been a major influence in her food photography. She will also be releasing a limited edition coffee table book of her recent Europe travels shot on 35mm film. 


Fifteen Pounds Cafe / Pillar and Salt​ / Cedar Bakery

Earth Clear / Montana Bliss Cosmetics / Montana Bliss Colllection

Mother Melbourne / Melbourne Picnic Girl  / Grazelnut Melbourne

Bawa Cafe / Black Range Estate  / The Motely Hotel 

Threads Bar  / Ms Parker  /Wonderland / Windsor Wolf Windsor 

Hoppa & Joe  / Carluccis / Vanilla Food / 10 Hastings Cafe 

Piccolino / Benjamin's Kitchen  / Sam Ward Ceramics 

Platform 3095/ Tall Timber  / Friends Of Mine  / Mama Says Cafe 

Jade Fox Restaurant / The Third Tier / Pickadeli Food / Romi Bakehouse

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