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Hi, I'm Emily. I have been photographing professionally for five years and I have a Masters in Photography. 

I first started photography back in 2017 where I photographed the menu for a cafe I used to waitress at, Fifteen Pounds Cafe. Since then I have photographed for cafes, bars and restaurants around Melbourne and Noosa providing imagery for their website and social media content. 

My food photography led me to product photography where I have photographed in a number of areas including cosmetics, jewellery, homewares and picnic hampers. Last year my beauty product work shot for a cometic company featured in Vanity Fair and Glamour UK. 

My love of beauty products led me to launching a second photography business, Lumsden Studio that specialises in beauty photography. This business focuses on collaboration, ensuring clients, models, makeup artists and hair stylists are involved in the entire process and are satisfied with the outcome. 

I also have experience in photo retouching, especially for products and beauty. I love that I can pair this with my photography, allowing me to have exceptional attention to detail. I also love that I get to see my image all the way through from start to finish making it ready for social media, e-commerce and print use. 


My Mum who is a nurse is someone I look up to and is my biggest inspiration. For so long I always wanted to help people the same way she does. One day she said to me that I would help people through my photography and that's what I aim to do, responding to a brands needs, helping their business grow. 


  • Fifteen Pounds Cafe 

  • Mother Melbourne

  • Melbourne Picnic Girl 

  • Grazelnut Melbourne

  • Bawa Cafe 

  • Black Range Estate 

  • Wonderland Windsor 

  • Wolf Windsor 

  • Hoppa & Joe 

  • Carluccis 

  • Vanilla Food 

  • 10 Hastings Cafe 

  • Piccolino 

  • Benjamin's Kitchen 

  • Push Records 

  • Sam Ward Ceramics 

  • Platform 3095

  • Get Hampered 

  • Tall Timber 

  • Friends Of Mine 

  • Mama Says Cafe 

  • Jade Fox Restaurant

  • The Third Tier  

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