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Emily Lumsden Photography is a food and product photography business based in Melbourne, Australia. Providing services for the food, beverage and hospitality industry, this business is all about helping clients grow and bring their vision to life. Emily Lumsden Photography aims to elevate your business and engage your audience through captivating, mouth watering imagery.


  • Fifteen Pounds Cafe

  • Pillar and Salt

  • ​Cedar Bakery

  • Mother Melbourne

  • Melbourne Picnic Girl 

  • Grazelnut Melbourne

  • Bawa Cafe 

  • Black Range Estate 

  • Wonderland Windsor 

  • Wolf Windsor 

  • Hoppa & Joe 

  • Carluccis 

  • Vanilla Food 

  • 10 Hastings Cafe 

  • Piccolino 

  • Benjamin's Kitchen 

  • Sam Ward Ceramics 

  • Platform 3095

  • Tall Timber 

  • Friends Of Mine 

  • Mama Says Cafe 

  • Jade Fox Restaurant

  • The Third Tier  

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